***Please note an applicant typing his/her name in the signature line consents to the background check. The applicant will need to sign this form in person as well. ***


**Completing any and all forms while applying to Kindred Consulting, LLC is performed at the risk of the applicant. Please be aware of risks involved with sharing any personal information via the internet**

Interested Applicant

We are honored that you have chosen to complete an application (please find the application in the site  link at the top of this website).  

Both the application and this background consent need to be completed prior to an interview. 

Please note that we require copies of the following items in order to consider you for employment with our organization. 

  • Valid  Driver's License
  • Acceptable Identifying Documents for establishing identity. (The Federal USCIS Form I-9 provides a full list of acceptable documents. Examples would be:   Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or Visa/Green Card, if you are not a US Citizen.  The full list of possible documents may be provided to you upon request.)
  • Valid Automobile Insurance Card (the proof of automobile insurance must show you as a covered driver and must show an expiration date).  

We understand you may not have the documents listed below. If you do not, or cannot furnish copies of these documents, if employed by Kindred Consulting, LLC , we will provide you with the information, tests or training necessary for you obtain the required documents.  

  • Negative TB Test or clear chest X-ray  (we will provide direction as to how and where to obtain this, upon hire)
  • CPR Certification (we will provide direction as to how and where to obtain, this upon hire) 


Thank-you again for your interest in our company!! 


(Federal Law prohibits discrimination against persons age 40 and over. Date of birth is used for verification purposes only and is not released to the hiring official prior to an individual’s acceptance of employment. All criminal history report information is restricted to administrative officers with hiring responsibilities).


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